What’s in a Name

June 12, 2020

Turn your telescope upside down and you’ll have a microscope. It was January 2017, and the company was ready to come to life, with production already going on and the first sales lined up. Only one last thing was missing: a company name. Of course Paul (Paul Maddox, president and founder of the Mizar Imaging) […]

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Imaging During a Pandemic

March 30, 2020

During this COVID-19 global pandemic, we at Mizar Imaging are doing our part to maintain social distancing. We are all working from home and spending more time with our families. Our hearts go out to the vast multitudes of people infected and the families of those who have succumbed to this terrible disease. While we […]

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Transgenic tadpoles to be prepared for imaging

Thick Specimen Sample Prep Recommendations for the Tilt

August 30, 2018

Thick specimen sample prep for the Tilt light sheet is straightforward. Follow these sample prep recommendations to learn how to prepare thick specimens (things like embryos, tissue sections, whole mounts, etc) for light sheet imaging with the Tilt. Thick Specimen Sample Prep: Something to Keep in Mind When preparing your thick specimens for imaging on […]

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Tilt light sheet with 4 well sample holder

Cell Culture Sample Prep Recommendations for the Tilt

August 28, 2018

Time to celebrate cell culture light sheet imagers! Cell culture sample prep is a piece of cake on the Mizar Tilt Light Sheet! Read on to learn how to prepare tissue culture cell samples for maximum light sheet success on the Tilt. Cell Culture Sample Prep: Something to Keep in Mind When preparing your tissue […]

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From the President’s Office: The Mizar Story

August 22, 2018

Hi there from the President’s office at Mizar Imaging, LLC!   The Mizar Story Mizar was born from necessity; my wife (the outstanding scientist Amy Shaub Maddox) needed a light sheet for imaging cytokinesis at high frames rates. My technician (now Ph.D. student) Tanner Fadero and I set about to build a copy of the […]

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Cartoon illustrating how the Tilt Light Sheet creates a Light Sheet

How does the Tilt Light Sheet Module work?

August 13, 2018

  The Tilt Light Sheet is a simple technology that can turn almost any inverted microscope into a Light Sheet microscope. It is easy to use, affordable and combines the benefits of Light Sheet microscopy with high-resolution imaging. Keep reading to learn how the Tilt creates a Light Sheet. Step 1 A collimated laser beam is […]

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