How to mount samples for imaging with the Tilt light sheet imaging system


In today’s installment of the “Working from my basement” series of video tutorials, we are going to look at what you need to consider when mounting samples to be imaged with the Tilt light sheet imaging system. We will cover the types of imaging chambers you should use and how to properly prepare you samples for imaging.

The two chambers we discuss in the talk can be found at the links below.

Ibidi and CellVis Be sure NOT to use the Ph+ version from Ibidi.

The Mizar Imaging Chambers can be found here.

Also, during the video, we discuss using Optiprep to improve imaging of both cells and larger samples as well as using Hydrogel to safely immobilize living, mobile samples. The original papers describing both techniques can be found below.

OptiPrep –

Hydrogel –

In addition to the video , you can also download the slides of this tutorial here. and as always, you can reach us at or send in your questions.

Be well.