Society for Developmental Biology Meeting 2018 : Beautiful Images Galore

Mizar Society for Developmental Biology 2018
Mizar Imaging table at the Society for Developmental Biology Annual Meeting.

Mizar Imaging attended the Society for Developmental Biology Annual Meeting held in Portland, Oregon on July 20-24th. Over 800 attendees and a handful of vendors took over the Waterfront Marriott. We attended with our distributor, BioVision (thanks for letting us join!).

Our table was next to the Huisken’s lab table showcasing the Flamingo. The Flamingo is a configurable Light Sheet microscope that will be loaned to labs so that they can use it for their own research. We are excited by this ambitious idea to bring a Light Sheet to every lab and what this will mean for the scientific community.

One of the most striking aspects of the conference was the widespread use of light microscopy. A majority talks and posters contained fluorescence images of almost every model organism you can think of. Many were confocal images of fixed samples with occasional live imaging.

The need for live imaging is clear as many researchers attending the conference cited this in their future directions. This is where Light Sheet microscopy will have the largest impact. The gentleness of Light Sheet imaging will allow scientists to capture biological events that couldn’t be captured before due to photobleaching and phototoxicity. It will be a game changer.

As Light Sheet becomes more accessible in terms of ease of use and cost (with the Mizar Tilt, learn more about how it works here, and Flamingo for example) more and more labs will begin using it for their research. Don’t be surprised to see Light Sheet popping up everywhere and becoming routine.

What an amazing time to be in the Light Sheet world! There is so much more to be discovered with live imaging!